Intelligence Devil Tower

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Educational intelligence toy

Designed to promote and encourage independent thinking and problem solving, enhance learning through hands-on activity and stimulate imagination and creativity we present you with the latest educational toy / tool, The Intelligence Devil Tower.

Use the 15 blocks to build the suggested models or let your imagination run wild!

Problem solving can be fun

The Intelligence Devil Tower is so simple to use and provides endless hours of fun for children and adults alike. It develops the ability to problem solve, be creative, and improve hand eye co-ordination whilst stimulating the imagination.

This hands-on problem solving game uses a range of shapes and designs which the participant has to visually assess and recreate.

The game can be played individually or set up as a small group task, encouraging communication and collaboration.


Players use the 15 blocks to make the suggested formations or create various new combinations of their own. This can act as part of a mental warm-up or brain workout prior to the main part of any lesson.

The variety of shapes and difficulties means that this can be a tool used in Early Years Foundation Stage as well as Key Stage 1, 2 and 3, catering for all abilities and levels.

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