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Precious Petzzz

Welcome to the world of the Precious Petzzz!

These oh-so-cute critters are up for adoption and looking for a loving new home.
With bellies that breathe and fur that is soft to touch, they are the perfect petzzz for your home.
Each one has his or her own character from fabulous Peter the Pug to the pampered Yara the Yorkie – you'll find the perfect pet for every perfect person.

Caring for your Precious Petzzz!


Once you name your pet and take it home, it's important to remember it will need some time to adjust to its new surroundings. Like any pet, your Precious Petzzz animals will get scared and excited in its new environment. To help it adjust, your pet needs lots of love and security. Your pet loves sleeping in its cozy bed. Find a special place where your pet can relax and feel comfortable.

Training your pet:

Precious Petzzz animals need very little training in order to remain the 'perfect' pet. To ensure your pet is ready for adoption, each one goes through obedience training in the home of Precious Petzzz.

Build a bond with love & affection:

Make sure to pet your Precious Petzzz animal at least once a day. It loves attention and it helps it dream about you.


Precious Petzzz animals clean and groom themselves, but only in private. 

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