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New Fun Blox

Product no.: 20001

The Fun Blox is a mysterious puzzle developed by pedagogist Peer Clahseayo by applying the principles of angle and structure. This educational puzzle can make up to 5000 shapes. While making 5000 types of shapes all members of the family can develop their intellectual skills


A GIFT WITH NO BATTERIES REQUIRED: A set of 15 shapes to create a variety of designs to keep a child entertained for countless of hours of FUN Hundreds of design possibilities to improve imagination and thinking while still having lots of CHALLENGING ENTERTAINMENT. Improved thinking process, better brain development to get a whole lot SMARTER.

ONE CUSTOMER CLAIMED "Absolutely love these blocks I bought them for my 19 month old but so far my husband and I have played with them more, but the little one loves them when she gets them. Ideal for kids of all ages. Thank you" - Fun for both Adults (especially the elderly) and Children from Age 3 - Comes with its own stand - Large colourful blocks for easy handling

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: Sturdy and durable these blocks will put up with some rough treatment. Easy grip large open ended pieces are ideal for the younger child. Keep the older child from getting bored and purchase 2 sets to enhance their creative ability.

STORAGE - Stand Included so contents can be packed away for the next time. One last playtime the child packs the contents into the stand. Parents and Teachers don't need to spend hours on the floor looking for small pieces.

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New Fibracolor Magic Pens

Product no.: 002894

Fibracolor Magic Pens (9+1)

£6.95 / set(s) *
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New 40 Shot Exterior Multi-Clean

Product no.: 770046

40 Shot Exterior Multi-Clean with added Carnauba wax

Cleans,Polishes and Anti-Staitic in one!

Simply squeeze and fill the measuring chamber.

£12.95 *
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New Fibracolor Erasable Pens

Product no.: 002887

Fibracolor Erasable Pens (9+1)

£6.95 / set(s) *
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New Fibracolor Magic Pens/Erasable Combined

Product no.: 002904

Magic Colour Change Pens and Erasable Pens Combined Set

£12.95 / set(s) *
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New WashMatik

Product no.: 00100


Beat the hosepipe ban or save money if your water is metered. No pumps, no taps and no tangled hoses. The unique patented one-way valve defies gravity. Clean your car with just one bucket of water. Use WashMatik® to clean windows, doors, paintwork, patio doors and conservatories - even your boat or caravan. 

£19.95 / Kit(s) *

WashMatik Full Kit

Product no.: 000104

WASHMATIK FULL KIT with accesories

  • Works direct from a bucket
  • One bucket gets the job done
  • British made product
£25.95 / Kit(s) *
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