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9 + 1 Magic Colour Change Pens

A pack of 9+1 Magic Colour Change Pens includes 10 pens in total. Nine (9) different coloured pens, plus one (1) specially formulated Magic Pen. When the special Magic Pen is combined with the other pens it causes the ink of the coloured pens to change to their secondary colour (which is indicated on the lid and bottom of each pen). ie giving 18 different colours! Colours As well as the special Magic Pen that contains and invisible magic colour change ink, the following colours are included (first colour + second colour) The bottom of the Magic Colour Change pens are the second colour. Black + Pink | Red + Yellow | Blue + Aqua | Purple + Blue | Yellow + Red | Orange + Purple | Light Green + Maroon | Dark Green + Peach| Brown + Light Green Don't forget! Magic Colour Change and Erasable pens can be used together to create stunning effects


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Fibracolor Erasable Pens Fibracolor Erasable Pens
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Fibracolor Magic Pens/Erasable Combined Fibracolor Magic Pens/Erasable Combined
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